April 7, 2013

Hrabal and Lennon. Walls in Prague

Hrabal lived and wrote his books in Prague’s 8th district, Libeň. In 1988, his house was torn down to make way for the subway B (Palmovka stop). In 1999, the outer wall of the station where his house stood was  decorated with a huge mural by Tatiana Svatosova.

Much more famous is John Lennon's wall, in Mala Strana, covered by graffiti inspired by Lennon. In the 1980s young Czechs organized a protest movement against communist regime; they used the wall to write about abusing by the security police. Czech authorities named their movement "Lennonism".

First pic below was taken in 1981, I stole it from the web . Second pic is mine. Took it yesterday.

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