March 4, 2012

The Old City of Agra. A Reportage

At the bottom of the majestic Taj Mahal, there is the old city of Agra; it's just few miles away the modern part of the city, where tourists usually stayed overnight to visit the white marble mausoleum. The old city of Agra looks like any other small village you can find while driving from Delhi to the the south. Hard to find a tourist, easier to find real life, at least a part of it.

People spend daytime outside: men sell mainly vegetables at the border of the main street.

The green machine is pulling cane sugar out

This boy is looking after the chickens until his father will be coming back.

Houses are just behind the carts. At ground floor, there's one room, where a store can be set up; aside there's a stair to reach the upper level.

Bulls and cows are everywhere, as well as dogs. Also donkeys can be easily found.

Trash is usually hidden behind provisional "walls".

I was told cobblers (of course) and flower carts (really?) never miss a village.

On the rooftops, kids spend their free time, especially at the sunset.

Bikes, rickshaws and motocycles continuosly cross the narrow streets.

What did mostly impressed me? Friendly people and smiling kids.

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  1. Pink Penelope3/04/2012 3:54 PM

    Congratulations, dear Giando .. Your eyes reflect colors and humanity of an intensity that seems new, but the result of a life always amazed by the beauty of reality.