March 17, 2012

Morning time in Nagpur

I had the privilege to spend a week with the Lanjewars in Nagpur. During the last day, I visited the girls' school, and thereafter I went to the neighborhood marketplace with my didis (sisters) Mangala and Archu, who gave me the most appreciated gift ever: my sari.
Below some pictures of that morning.

A special thanks to the Lanjewars: Mangala, Archu, Gopas, Vinod, Nickheel, Shruti, Yamshika, Vansh. They've been the kindest host I ever met: they made me feel a member of their family. I will never forget them.


kids gather in the school court from 7am to 7.30am to sing the national anthem and to pray

Classes are from 7.30am to 11am
Going to the marketplace

the milkman

Dried fruits are sold to be offered in hindu temples. Colors are for tika: the typical mark on the forehead of hindu believers

Walking to the sari place....

....choosing my sari....

the last stop before going back home: the sarimaker

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